Health and pharmaceutical

The Leger Healthcare team is fluent in highly complex disease areas, ensuring our research findings become actionable business recommendations. We understand the fast evolving and highly competitive landscape so we can hit the ground running on your projects.

The Leger Healthcare team provides qualitative and quantitative market research solutions for a broad range of healthcare business needs.  Our approach to research is characterized by flexibility. We design each study on an ad hoc basis to provide clients with the insights they require. We select the types of analysis that are best suited to extract value from the data.

We specialize in all areas of healthcare and pharmaceutical research:

Pre-launch phase

  • Landscaping
  • Patient flow/forecasting
  • Patient journeys (including online communities)
  • Baseline ATUs

Post-launch phase

  • Post-launch tracking
  • User/Non-user profiling
  • Drivers & barriers

Growth and Maturity phase

  • Product repositioning
  • Portfolio optimization

Patient/Physician segmentation

And more…

A Few of our Successful Partnerships

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