Surveys can often be used as a compelling piece of evidence in disputes: brand confusion, brands becoming generic, misleading advertising, class actions, etc. They provide empirical evidence of consumer perceptions with quantified, accurate and objective data to assist in resolving the dispute.

However, surveys for the Court must be conducted according to specific standards to ensure reliability, validity and compliance with methodological and statistical principles. It is therefore important to rely on experts who understand this specific context and implement the most rigorous quality assurance mechanisms.

“The Court attributes a higher probative value to the methodological approach of Leger. Indeed, several shortcomings affect the reliability of the report of [competitor]. […] Furthermore, Leger’s survey seems to have been realized observing higher professional standards.” [Translation]

–Source: Forum Entertainment Center Company v. Pepsi Bottling Group (Canada) Co., 2008 QCSC 4672, p. 22.

Drawing on its vast experience, Leger is able to meet your needs for conducting surveys within a legal framework or preparing expert reports or counter-expertise for marketing research. Leger’s team includes experts who have been recognized by the Court on multiple occasions and are capable of testifying in English or French.

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