A Look Back at Our 2021 Human Resources Week

April 26, 2021, marked the launch of our Human Resources week, which, year after year, highlights the people behind our company. At Leger, we believe it is important to pause and take a moment to thank those who actively contribute to our success.

We are proud of the work our excellent team accomplished over the past year, which was certainly full of challenges! To celebrate this special week, our Human Resources department highlighted the strengths of our team of professionals across Canada and the United States through a series of publications presented on LinkedIn from April 26 to 30. Here is a summary:

Did you know…?

  • We offer a virtual training program for all our new call centre interviewers.
  • We hired 130 interviewers in the past year and conducted over 700,000 interviews.
  • We hired 30 permanent employees to join our growing team of professionals.
  • Each employee’s individual growth is important to us: many of our staff who began their careers at Leger as telephone interviewers are now part of Leger’s permanent team.
  • The Leger Cares call tour, introduced in 2020, enables us to check in with each employee.
  • Our new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers our employees and their families completely confidential access to a network of over 350 psychological and other health care providers.

“At Leger, we are proud to have an HR culture that focuses on employee well-being and development within a fast-growing company. In less than a year, we have recruited over 30 new talented employees across Canada and the United States, all of whom are important additions to our large team of professionals.  

We are also committed to continuing to put diversity and inclusion at the heart of our priorities. In fact, 58% of our positions are held by women. Several new initiatives will be put in place in the coming year to continue this journey.” 

– Véronique M.-Lippinghof, Human Resources Director

A large virtual gathering of Leger’s 600 talented employees was also organized to thank them for their commitment and work, featuring a Bingo with Johanne-themed happy hour. All our employees were invited to connect to our platform, laugh with their colleagues, and even win prizes!

To celebrate our 2021 Human Resources Week, a large virtual gathering of Leger’s 600 talented employees was organized to thank them for their commitment and work.

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