A Look Back on Leger’s Human Resources Week!

Many Thanks to All of Our Employees!

Every year, Human Resources Week aims to recognize the millions of workers who make Quebec companies successful. Quebec organizations are invited to engage in various activities to highlight the work of their employees. We felt it was important to broaden and highlight the work of our employees across Canada and the United States.

“The happiness of our employees is a core value for the company, it is essential to recognize the contribution of all employees and to express our appreciation loudly and clearly.”

– Natacha Vanasse, Human Resources Director

Let’s look back on the activities that took place during the week to say THANK YOU to all our employees!

Employee happiness is a dimension that is beyond important. Other initiatives have been implemented throughout the company to make employee happiness a priority.

One of these initiatives is the launch of the LHI-W (Leger Happiness Index at Work), which took place earlier this year. More specifically, the Leger Happiness Index at Work is intended for companies to help them better understand the behaviour, mood and needs of their employees. What is the secret to happiness at work? This is what all good entrepreneurs should attempt to uncover!

At Leger, we have decided to be proactive by adopting concrete measures to make the work environment very pleasant for our employees!