Celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2019?

The years pass, mentalities change, and holidays evolve. Such is the case for St. Valentine, which initially was a pagan celebration, then Catholic, and today it has become commercial. That said, the February 14 celebration is still an opportunity to understand the new conjugal, virtual and sexual habits of Canadians. So, Leger surveyed over 1,500 Canadians to understand the celebration of love in the digital era.

In a Relationship, but Fewer Gifts

First and foremost, 70% of Canadians are in a relationship, a relatively stable number for some years now.

Among respondents who will celebrate Valentine’s Day, we asked them if they intended to offer a gift for this occasion. Contrary to popular belief, flowers, chocolate or jewellery are not among the favoured gifts to offer! “Experiences” (going out to restaurants, the movies, etc.) are now what 51% of Canadians mainly want to offer to the one they love. This trend is reinforced over the generations. The proportion reaches 64% among those 18 to 24 years of age.

Love in Digital Times, a Question of Generations

Leger also asked Canadians if they had met their current partner on a dating app or Web site. Fifteen percent (15%) of Canadians admitted that they met their spouse on a dating app or Web site. That said, among those 18 to 24, the proportion increases to 37%, while it drops to 8% among those 55 +.

And now for the killer question: did they make their relationship official on Facebook? In other words, are they Facebook official? Forty-six percent (46%) of Canadians took the time to announce their relationship online and 35% decided not to do so.

Sexuality in 2019

And what about the sexual habits of Canadians as Valentine’s Day 2019 approaches? The survey tells us that one Canadian out of four has sexted or sent a picture with nudity in the past. Having said that, intergenerational differences are greater than ever on this score. Among those 18 to 34, more than one Canadian out of two has had this type of exchange (53%). Among those 55 +, the proportion is 6%!

This poll was conducted from Jan 27 – Jan 29, 2019, with a representative sample of 1,516 Canadians. The margin of error is 2.5%.