Leger’s Green Committee Initiatives

On September 27, 2019, hundreds of thousands of Canadians took part in marches for the climate across our country. Today, we are unveiling the green actions that have been, and will be implemented by Leger’s Green Committee at our Montreal office!

  • Leger will no longer purchase plastic water bottles. Glass pitchers of water will be available for employees and customers.
  • Leger will place recycling boxes on each floor for recyclable beverage containers (such as pop cans and bottles made of glass or plastic).
  • Signage that clearly demonstrates the location of paper and plastic recycling, as well as garbage, will be displayed.
  • Coffee stir sticks will be replaced with spaghetti.
  • Sugar packets will be replaced with containers of sugar.

In addition, the following green actions have already taken place:

  • Purchasing utensils and glass plates for Lunch and Learns and potlucks in order to ban reusable plastic utensils.
  • Encouraging employees to print documents double-sided, in black and white.
  • Distributing succulent plants to all employees on Earth Day to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of the environment.
  • Providing employees with a Shred-It box to dispose of recyclable / confidential documents. The documents will be shredded, and then recycled.

Many thanks to the Green Committee for taking these essential actions on behalf of the environment.