Research by Leger USA Team Highlights Changes in Lottery Advertising Landscape

In the latest issue of INSIGHTS by NASPL (North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries), Simon Jaworski (President, Leger USA) and Lance Henik (Senior Account Manager, Leger USA) share their insights on Lottery advertising based on research conducted by the Leger USA team during the summer of 2017.

Key topics discussed in the article include:

• Where media spend is allocated, most effective methods of delivery;

• The level to which audiences consider lottery advertising as being memorable;

• Awareness of where lottery proceeds go; and

• The potential impact on lottery play by increasing knowledge of where proceeds go.


We also provide insights as to the type of messaging that resonates among key demographic groups of interest as it relates to the key points above.

The latest issue (November/December 2017) of INSIGHTS magazine can be found here, on page 22.

Note: The article is based on research conducted by Leger’s regular omnibus studies with 1,000 respondents online in the United States last summer. The results were balanced to the U.S. population by gender, age, ethnicity, household size and region.