[SUCCESS STORY] Andrew Mattern

At Leger, we’re proud of our employees, and we encourage them to grow and evolve within our company. Our Success Stories series is designed to recognize their successes. It is shared monthly on our website and LinkedIn page.

Today, we’re introducing Andrew Mattern. Andrew started in our call centre before advancing within our company.

Success Story EN - Andrew Mattern
  • 2004: Interviewer/Supervisor, Call Centre, Winnipeg
  • 2009: Head Supervisor, Call Centre, Montreal
  • 2011: Online Project Manager, Legerweb
  • 2013: Project Manager, Operations
  • 2015: Account Manager, Legerweb
  • 2017: Director, Leger Opinion
  • 2020: Associate Vice-President, Leger Opinion

Jean-Sébastien Simard, Executive Vice-President, Leger Opinion, wanted to highlight Andrew’s exceptional career:

“Andrew’s unique sense of humour, his wittiness, his ongoing optimism, and his honesty make him a pillar for his colleagues and for the whole company.

Always focused on finding solutions, Andrew plays a major role in his team’s, and ultimately, his clients’ success. Anyone working with Andrew can be considered lucky!’’

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