[SUCCESS STORY] Chris Peterson

At Leger, we’re proud of our employees, and we encourage them to grow and evolve within our company. To recognize their successes, we’re launching a new series called Success Stories, which will be shared monthly on our website and LinkedIn page.

To kick off this series, we’re introducing Chris Peterson. Chris worked in the call centre for a few years before advancing within our company.

  • 2011: Interviewer
  • 2012: Supervisor
  • 2014: Assistant Field Manager
  • 2020: Project Manager, Leger Opinion

Dave Converse, Associate Vice-President of Operations in Leger’s Winnipeg office, hired Chris in 2011. He notes,

“Chris was a long-term employee in the Winnipeg Call Centre. He worked on many key studies over the years, including many election tracking projects. Chris has a good eye for technical issues. He often helped troubleshoot issues in the call centre, and was also a leader in this area when we transitioned to remote dialling. Chris will be a great addition to Leger Opinion, where his technical skills will help him adapt to his new position.”

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