The Employer’s Brand Image Joins Leger’s 2019 Reputation Study

This year marks the 21st Edition of Leger’s Reputation Study, which provides a complete sectoral analysis of the corporate reputation of more than 300 companies in Québec and Canada. This study is conducted with nearly 30,000 Canadians, in 30 industry sectors. Each company is also analyzed according to the 6 reputation pillars of Leger’s exclusive model. These pillars are: financial strength, product and service quality, social responsibility, honesty and transparency, attachment, and innovation.

This is the only reputation study in the country that delivers all the data, on all the indicators and for all the relevant stakeholders in your industry sector. This study allows you to better understand your positioning within your sector, your strengths and weaknesses, but also those of your competitors. This is the depth of the analysis that Leger’s Reputation Study provides.

New in 2019

As the entire country, from Fort McMurray to Val d’Or, through Eastern Ontario, faces a labour shortage that is affecting nearly all industry sectors, the next few years are shaping up to be difficult for employers. By 2030, 25% of the population will be 65 or over. Companies must therefore adapt. Tomorrow’s workforce will be more demanding and have more freedom when it comes to choosing a company. The workforce now wants to join a corporate culture and not just work “for” a company.

In this context, an employer’s brand is now crucial for companies. Your brand allows you to attract, and above all retain, the best talent.

It is in this distinctive context of labour shortage that this year, we have decided to measure an employer’s brand image, for your company and your competition, which we view as a fitting complement to the well-known and proven Corporate Reputation study.

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