We’re hiring telephone interviewers to work from home!

Leger is still open and fully operational. We have virtualized our call centres to enable our 157 interviewers in Winnipeg and Montreal to conduct telephone interviews from home.

We’re hiring!

Are you interested in working from home? Have you lost your employment due to the COVID-19 crisis? We are looking for new interviewers in Winnipeg and Montreal to join our team! Daytime, evening, and weekend shifts are available. To apply, click the button at the bottom of this page!

What do our interviewers have to say about working from home?

We asked our interviewing team to tell us about their experiences working from home. Here are some of their comments!

Picture of several members of Leger's interviewing team working from home

Being able to work from home has helped me a lot. I’m able to work quietly, there’s no stress, and I can get a lot done. My environment is calm, and I can complete my shifts as usual. – Amar

Although I’m working from home, I can still conduct interviews in a warm, caring and professional way. – David

I feel autonomous and responsible when working from home and I am even closer to my family without worrying about anything. I’m more proud of myself too, I love working from home!  – Wisline

My experience working from home has been great, and I am very comfortable. Because I don’t need to commute by bus and metro to get to Leger, I don’t need to worry about arriving late. I have my workspace at home with my computer and headphones, and it’s quiet. There is no noise, and the best thing is that I can work in my pajamas. I love working from home. Thanks Leger, I’m very happy! – Wafa

Working from home helps me a lot because I don’t have to leave my home and commute before my shift starts anymore. It really helps me save time! – Oussama

Are you interested in applying?

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