COFFEE BREAK – What is a survey?

Our Coffee Break with Leger video clip series is designed to provide a brief overview of answers to key questions in the market research world. If you would like further information about the research services we provide, click the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of this page to get in touch with our team.

Surveys gather quantitative data based on a sample of the population and make generalizations about the entire population. Using a representative sample, data on a specific topic are collected in order to gain insights on opinions, behaviours and needs of those surveyed. In other words, surveying translates numbers into results that we can analyze and use to better understand our society.

Kelsey Lander works as a Research Analyst on Leger’s Consumer Insights team. With 2+ years experience in market research, Kelsey’s expertise sits with concept testing, usage & attitude and in-home use tests. She is always looking for new and unique ways to visualize data. Her main focus is always our clients – building strong and transparent relationships; and delivering quality service.  

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