What to Expect from the 2019 Reputation Ranking

This is the 21st edition of Leger’s Reputation Study, and year after year, it remains THE reference for measuring corporate reputation in Canada. Over the past two decades, many companies have enjoyed meteoric ascents within the ranking, while others have made slower… or more spectacular descents.

This study provides a ranking of the companies with the best reputation in Canada. In total, more than 300 companies from 30 industry sectors are evaluated by nearly 30,000 Canadians who provide us with their opinion. This allows us to establish a Ranking of the Most Admired Companies, published each year in the spring. This study, much of which is reserved to subscribing clients, also analyzes the six (6) recognized pillars of a company’s reputation: financial strength, product and service quality, social responsibility, honesty and transparency, attachment, and innovation.

The Ranking of the Most Admired Companies ‒ eagerly awaited by the business community every year ‒ is often a rather faithful mirror of the most significant current events. Samsung plummeted in the ranking when the company’s phone batteries started to explode. Or Canada’s business darling, Tim Hortons, which lost 17 points last year by publicly opposing an increase in the minimum wage…e. Finally, how to one can’t overlook the Just for Laughs Festival, which suffered a 30-point drop in the ranking; collateral damage of the legal problems of its former leader and founder, Gilbert Rozon.

Canadians, however, are also willing to forgive companies that mend their ways. The prize in this respect surely goes to Samsung, which in 2018, made it possible for consumers to forget the hazards associated with the Galaxy Note 7...

What will public opinion retain from the past year? Will the Cambridge Analytica scandal have an impact on Facebook’s reputation score? Did the arrest of Nissan’s Chairman, Carlos Ghosn, capture the attention of Canadians? Will Starbucks’ decision to ban straws at its outlets have a positive impact on their reputation? These are a few of the questions that we will assuredly answer in our next 2019 ranking.

One thing is certain, companies that subscribe to Leger’s Reputation Study will find all the relevant and necessary information for the sound management of their reputation.  This study provides a clear status report, essential for informed decision-making when it comes to your company’s most important asset: its reputation.

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