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The data analyst works under the close supervision of advisors and the Associate Vice-President. He or she is primarily responsible for managing internal projects and drafting research reports. He or she plays a supporting role for various advisors within the department.


Working with the Leger team, an interviewer is an on-call employee whose main duty is to conduct telephone interviews on a variety of subjects in accordance with Leger’s projects. An interviewer may also be called upon to conduct face-to-face interviews at various geographical locations within the scope of specific projects.

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Research Director

Under the supervision of the Vice-President, the Research Director is an experienced professional responsible for client relations, project management and overseeing research. He or she carries out numerous mandates and advises clients on research or strategic issues while helping his or her department meet its objectives.


The Statistical Technician works under the supervision of the Statistics Director. He or she is responsible for statistical processing and data validation for the various research projects carried out. He or she is responsible for the quality of the deliverables and for validating data weighting and consistency. The Statistical Technician plays an advisory role with various employees of the research department.

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