Alicia Ierardi

Executive Vice-President, U.S.

Alicia Ierardi is the executive vice-president of Leger’s U.S. office, where she is responsible for leading the U.S. team and growing the U.S. business through high value full-service research programs. 

Prior to joining the Leger team, Alicia was co-founder/CEO of 360 Market Reach, Inc., a market research firm that leading global brands have relied on to understand the mindset of consumers, including generational differences and purchasing behaviors in key industries such as CPG, retail, health & wellness, luxury and travel. She joined the Leger team in 2022 when Leger acquired 360 Market Reach. 

Alicia honed her skills across a wide range of quant/qual research methodologies and became excited about working with highly engaged target audiences through online market research community platforms. Prior to starting 360 Market Reach, Alicia was the managing director at Toluna and grew the brand in the U.S.

Alicia had an early interest in marketing/research and business management while attending Fairfield University. Her passion for International cultural experiences led her to live in Spain, where she quickly recognized her deep interest in developing new ideas across borders.

Alicia is an active member of Chief, meeting with women in leadership positions. She is committed to mentoring and supporting women in the research community and all professional settings.