Trends in Health and Wellness for 2024 

May 22, 2024

Each year, we survey members of our proprietary 360 Health and Wellness online community to understand their focus areas and the strategies they employ to achieve their health and wellness goals for the year. This enables us to identify emerging trends in the health and wellness industry and to share them in our Health and Wellness Toolkit, which you can download to help you plan your strategies for 2024 and beyond. 

Why is the wellness industry booming?

There are many reasons why health and wellness is one of the most lucrative global industries right now. In fact, the Global Wellness Institute recently released a new report announcing that the U.S. is the leading wellness economy, twice the size of China. The industry’s growth from 2020 to 2022 was 14% (currently valued at $1.8T), led by wellness tourism (growth of 31.8%) and spas (30.9%) sectors. 

But why is it so popular? Perhaps it’s because while we can’t control every illness or accident that might befall us, we do have a say and more access in our self-care practices. For instance, we can choose the supplements and vitamins we consume, improve the quality of our sleep (to an extent), schedule appointments for massages and holistic treatments, and select the wearable tech gadgets to support our well-being. 

Social media and influencers have also played a significant role in making the health and wellness industry more mainstream and approachable, shedding its once fringe “hippie” image. Plus, conversations around mental health, stress, and anxiety are increasingly less stigmatized.  

Collectively, these cultural shifts are leading more people to explore available wellness solutions and products beyond the traditional healthcare system. 


Key health areas and wellness motivators in 2024

Physical health (81%) and mental health (74%) are unsurprisingly the top priorities for Leger’s Health and Wellness Community members heading into 2024, according to our forthcoming  2024 Health and Wellness Toolkit.  

What may come as a surprise, however, is that 71% also emphasize the importance of maintaining their emotional health, 52% prioritize their spiritual health, and 46% focus on their social health.  

These findings suggest that the research for alternative and more holistic solutions could increase in popularity.

In 2024, our Health and Wellness Community members are emphasizing the importance of holistic health, clearly valuing the balance of emotional, physical, and mental wellness. It’s evident that leading a physically healthy lifestyle is a top priority, as the primary motivators include enhancing quality of life, improving sleep, and managing weight.  

Beyond physical health, over 40% of respondents are prioritizing self-care routines, seeking ways to unwind, recenter, and tackle mental health challenges, such as anxiety and depression.  

In our productivity-driven society, where everyonefrom stay-at-home moms to senior law firm partnersfeels the pressure to measure up to the seemingly more successful lives showcased on social media, the push towards maintaining all aspects of health is more crucial than ever. 

Choosing the right products and services for optimal health

What key tools are our respondents using to achieve their wellness goals? Let’s discuss the findings from our 2024 Health and Wellness Toolkit.

 In fact, three-quarters of those surveyed (75%) reported buying vitamins, likely drawn to their easy availability and health benefits.  

Vitamins and their sustained popularity signal a huge opportunity for the food industry. Brands can highlight the health advantages of ingredientsor innovate to create new products with IDEAvate360, our modern research solutionto enhance consumer understanding of the potential impact on their physical, emotional, and mental health.


Tried-and-true methods remain popular

Using basic home fitness equipment is the next most popular method, followed by minerals, and prebiotics and probiotics—mirroring the trend we see with vitamins.  

Wearable technology, such as smartwatches and fitness apps, are also more popular than ever, thanks to their convenience.


Newer wellness solutions are emerging

Vitamins, home equipment, and smart phoneswe’re all familiar with these products, but what about lesser-known tools that a significant number of people are using?  

Thanks to the convenience of apps—just a thumb swipe away on a smartwatch or phone—our community members are turning to music apps, meditation apps, and sleep apps to improve their well-being.

or those looking to take their wellness a step further, there are smart rings and smart eyewear that monitor heart rate, sleep quality, body temperature, stress levels, and even menstrual cycles, turning health tracking into a fashion statement.

More than just gadgets, this represents a comprehensive lifestyle shift. People are investing in smartphones, smart wearables, and even smart water bottles to embrace a fully integrated smart lifestyle. 

What’s next in health and wellness trends?

What can your brand contribute to the health landscape of tomorrow? Now is the time to start planning. 

For companies striving to excel in today’s growing market, success hinges not only on adapting but also on pioneering new ideas.  

By tapping into the trends of 2024, it’s wise to also look ahead to the expected innovations in 2025 and 2026. Leger is here to guide you by gathering insights from our Health and Wellness Community. 

Download our 2024 Health and Wellness Toolkit now to get all the data!

toolkit is packed with everything you need to know about our community’s goals, thoughts, and habits
covering everything from wearable tech and weight management to gut and sleep health, along with holistic wellness services and more! 

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