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Generation Z and Millennials: Discover Their Views on Their Employment, Finances, and Future

Who are Generation Z and millennials? Beyond the stereotypes and misconceptions, how do they see themselves, and what truly matters to them? Are they planning to quit their jobs in the next year? Do they feel they have the necessary knowledge to make good financial decisions? Are they choosing not to have children because of climate change? 

Generation Z and millennials think, spend, and view their careers differently than those before them, setting trends that are shifting the way we do business. Anyone that employs members of these generations or wants to reach them and break through the noise needs to understand who they really are.

This year, we were pleased to share the results of our sixth annual Youth Study with you three months earlier than usual. It revealed crucial insights you can leverage to make better business decisions!

On September 27 at 12:00 p.m. (noon) EDT, Allison Watson, Vice-President, Public Affairs, Western Canada, and Nikolas Lopez, Senior Research Director, presented an exclusive webinar about this year’s results. 

The webinar included:

  • [NEW THIS YEAR] The job offers Generation Z and millennials find most attractive (including direct and indirect benefits), featuring a sneak peek at the HR benefits simulator built by our advanced analytics team 
  • A detailed portrait of their financial situation, habits, and how inflation has impacted them
  • How they perceive the world today, and their concerns about the future

In the past, we’ve presented multiple webinars for the Youth Study. This year, to help you get more insights in less time, we presented all the findings of the Youth Study in a single comprehensive webinar.