Leveraging AI for Retail Excellence

Long before Chat GPT exploded into the mainstream in late November 2022, the savviest retailers were leveraging AI in retail to stay ahead of their competitors. In retail, AI can help with a diverse range of strategies, from pricing and promotions to personalized recommendations to inventory and supply chain management. In this ever-competitive industry, AI won’t replace key retail decision-makers, but those who use it will replace those who don’t.

On August 29, Maxime Cohen, Scale AI Chair Professor at McGill University; Chief AI Officer at ELNA Medical; a RETHINK Retail Top Retail Influencer of 2022; and co-author of Demand Generation in Retail—A Practical Guide to Leverage Data and Predictive Analytics and Aksel Bedikyan, Vice-President, Leger Analytics, presented an exclusive webinar that will feature practical advice about how to leverage AI in retail to stay ahead of your competitors

In this webinar, Maxime:

  • Presented the latest uses of AI in retail and explain how you can take advantage
  • Shared valuable insights from real-life case studies that highlight how AI has been implemented successfully in the retail industry
  • Answered questions about participants’ challenges


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