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Preventive measures: COVID-19


We would like to inform you that Leger has put preventive measures concerning COVID-19 into place to protect the health of our employees and ensure business continuity.


  1. Preventive health measures have been tightened in all of our offices in Canada and the United States
  2. We have implemented a sanitation protocol in each of our 3 call centres located in Montreal, Winnipeg, and Vancouver
  3. Business trips outside of Canada have been cancelled for all of our employees, and business trips inside the country are being limited to essential travel only
  4. We have deployed a pandemic plan
  5. Our operations continue to be maintained through secure and efficient technological solutions


All our employees have VPN access and have access to state-of-the-art technology to ensure that they can work remotely, thereby ensuring business continuity and collaboration between our various teams located in our 8 offices in Canada and the United States.

We are currently working on making our call centres virtual to allow our interviewers to conduct telephone interviews from home, if necessary.

Thanks to our LEO online panel with over 400,000 panelists and our mobile app, online data collection will not be disrupted, as Leger does not depend on subcontractors. In addition to allowing us to conduct quantitative studies, our panel also allows us to conduct one-on-one interviews and focus groups online, thus eliminating the need for respondents to travel and gather together.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The Leger Team

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