Cynthia Mongbé

Associate Vice-President, Consumer Strategy


Montreal office


Cynthia Mongbé boasts approximately twenty years’ experience in marketing research and public opinion. She has been a member of Leger’s Research team since 2000. As Associate Vice-President, she advises clients working in various fields, in addition to coordinating and managing marketing research mandates on both national and international scales.

Her quantitative and qualitative analysis skills, as well as her creative problem-solving approach, are leveraged in the management and completion of commercial, institutional and social marketing research mandates.

Ms. Mongbé participates in the development and retention of major client accounts. Over the years, Ms. Mongbé’s diverse experiences have led her to complete several mandates on customer experience, customer satisfaction, ad testing, U&A studies, market positioning, gambling, as well as social marketing.

Thanks to her expertise and analytical abilities, in-depth knowledge of research techniques, creativity, exacting nature and reporting skills, Cynthia Mongbé contributes to continuous improvement in the quality of methodological tools and research reports. In this regard, Ms. Mongbé is closely involved in training analysts for Leger’s Research team and ensures effective quality control of the deliverables produced within the framework of research mandates.

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