Frédéric Rajotte

Vice-President, Information Technology


Montreal office


Frédéric began his career at Leger in 2001. Initially a computer technician, he is now the vice-president of IT.     

Frédéric has a background as a computer technician. Over the years, he has obtained certifications in ITIL, Cisco and CISSP. In addition, he has held several positions within the company, including project manager and web developer. He is versatile and mainly recognized as an expert in technological infrastructure and information security.      

From his perspective, the success of a technological integration relies on client involvement. The definition of a clear and known objective is the key to the success of any technology project.   

Frédéric has been actively involved in all studies on citizen travel in the greater Montreal and Quebec City areas. Internally, he has been involved in the implementation of our online and telephone interviewing platforms and the creation of the Leger Opinion panel. He is also heavily involved in improving the company’s security.