Guy Girard

Vice-President, Leger Opinion


Montreal office


In more than 30 years at Leger, Guy has risen through the ranks of the company. He has been an interviewer, supervisor, operations manager, IT manager and is now vice-president, Leger Opinion (LEO).

As an entrepreneur who has created application development and escape game businesses, Guy has acquired solid experience in customer relations. Also, throughout his career at Leger, he has developed a wealth of technological and operational knowledge.

Guy has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and is in the process of obtaining his EMBA.

At Leger, Guy has developed the computer network, internal programs and the online and mobile LEO survey platform. He recently developed a gamification system for the LEO platform. He contributes to the creation and evolution of innovative research methods, including quality control principles and standards, the development of anti-fraud strategies and the implementation of sampling standards and representativeness principles in online surveys.

His strength lies in his approach focused on problem-solving using technology, his quick response time and his in-depth knowledge of research processes.