Mariana De Marchi

Associate Vice-President, Customer Experience


Montreal office


Mariana is the associate vice-president of customer experience at Leger, which she joined in 2022. She is responsible for leading the Leger CX team in the strategy, design and delivery behind Leger’s CX solutions.

Mariana is a versatile and visionary executive with a penchant for accelerating organizational growth. She has over 15 years of expertise in customer experience, UX/UI, customer insights, operations, strategy development and project execution. She is exceptionally adept at crafting innovative solutions that optimize processes, customer journeys, workflow productivity and profitability. Mariana has a proven record of transforming and revitalizing corporate culture as a proactive change agent and customer-centricity ambassador. An engaging MBA professor and author of the first CX books in Brazil, Mariana is also one of only 1,000 Certified Customer Experience Professionals (CCXPs) in the world. She actively participates in the CX community through webinars, congresses and online meetups.

Before joining Leger, Mariana was an executive consultant at Rokkets, a Brazilian CX consulting and advisory firm, where she led the CX portfolio, including its delivery, strategy and client relations.

Mariana has a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from York University and a Master of Business Economics from FGV.