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What Is Analytics?

Analytics describes the process of analyzing and interpreting large data sets to provide meaningful insights that decision makers can use to make informed decisions.



We Use Analytics to Help You Make Better Decisions

As a decision maker, you’re likely surrounded by tons of data. We know that you aren’t necessarily missing the data you need to tackle challenges. Rather, you’re likely missing evidence-based insights you can rely upon to make decisions, and are often overwhelmed by the amount of data to deal with. That’s where analytics comes in.

Working with data doesn’t need to be complicated. Our team offers a one-stop shop for all your analytics needs. Our expertise spans multiple fields, including business, data engineering, data analysis, modelling and advanced machine learning methods. We focus on understanding your “Why?” so we can help you answer, “What next?”. Are you ready to take the next step?



Why Work with Us?

If you have data, we can analyze it. Experts in market research, analytics and data science, our team sources, analyzes and connects the dots between all sorts of data sources (first party, transactional, CRM, market research, web data and more), bridging the gap between what people say they do and actually do. Our diverse expertise helps us better understand your needs and provide you with richer insights that are greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Using our tools, talents and processes, we can generate a customized solution that provides the answers you’re looking for.

Customized Analytics Solutions

Though each decision maker operates within a different business context, their main objectives tend to be similar. We leverage data and analytics to help decision makers answer questions, tackle challenges and make better business decisions. We do so by creating data pipelines, cleaning and transforming data, creating machine learning models and putting models into production.

Analytics are part of an infinite loop of business challenges: when you use them to generate insights, they generate new questions, leading to more insights. In the diagram below, where do your main business challenges lie? What questions do you want to answer?

Leger Analytics’ Customized Solutions

At Leger Analytics, we can work with you on your analytics journey from end to end or jump in to assist at any stage. We deliver customized, actionable solutions to help you solve your challenges and contribute to your organization’s success.

So, how can we help answer your burning questions?

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Case Studies

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Learn how we leveraged the power of analytics to help our clients solve diverse business challenges.

[CASE STUDY] How Leger Analytics Used Discrete Choice Models to Project Market Share for a New Vision Product
White Papers | July 23rd, 2021
8 min read
8 min
[CASE STUDY] How Leger Analytics Used Discrete Choice Models to Project Market Share for a New Vision Product

Learn how Leger Analytics used discrete choice models to project market share for a new vision product and recommend product pricing.

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