An excellent acquisition strategy improves your ability to find prospects and convert them to advocates. Leger Analytics can help you understand how to tailor your marketing strategies to find your highest-potential prospects and convert them.

Key Acquisition Questions Leger Analytics Can Help You Answer

  • Who are our prospects (how do they differ from the general population, what is their motivational, psychographic and behavioural profile)?
  • Which prospects have the most potential, and how can we reach them and communicate with them to increase our chances of success?
  • Which of our prospects are most likely to convert to customers?
  • Which consumer characteristics make a prospect more likely to convert?

With Our Insights, You Can…

  • Identify and profile the prospects that are most likely to purchase your products/services
  • Reduce media expenses by focusing on your potential market
  • Leverage marketing actions to find high-potential prospects

Our acquisition deliverables may include predictive models, propensity models, market segmentation/clustering and associated profiles, etc.

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