Market Sizing


Market sizing

When you accurately size your market, you can understand your business potential. Leger Analytics can help you understand how the public perceives you, how large your potential market is, and how you can improve the accuracy of your forecasting to plan for growth and success.

Key Market Sizing Questions Leger Analytics Can Help You Answer

  • Should we enter the market?
  • Should we expand into a specific geographic region?
  • How many units of our product/service can we expect to sell yearly? At what price?
  • How will demand for our product/service progress over time?
  • What is the gap between supply and demand for our product/service?
  • What does the public think about our category, brand, product or service?

With Our Insights, You Can…

  • Discover the overall revenue potential for your products/services
  • Identify and develop your highest-potential products/services
  • Allocate resources to your highest-yielding investment opportunities
  • Generate more accurate revenue and cash flow forecasting and reduce future uncertainty
  • Forecast demand more precisely: by geography, consumer profiles, etc.
  • Make more informed decisions by understanding current perceptions

Our market sizing deliverables may include longitudinal forecasts, Total Addressable Market (TAM) breakdowns, the ability to run the models that generate your forecasts, sentiment analysis, online listening analytics, etc.

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