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Leger DGTL: Our Digital Marketing Agency

Leger DGTL is our in-house digital marketing agency with proven expertise in strategy, media, creative content activation and performance measurement. Leger DGTL creates effective, customized digital campaigns by improving customer segmentation, optimizing advertising messages and prioritizing the best platforms. Thanks to the implementation of performance measurement before, during and after campaigns, Leger DGTL ensures that you reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message.

You can count on Leger DGTL to solve your business challenges.

We’re led by a team of digital marketing experts and data scientists. By combining the best of qualitative and quantitative data, Leger DGTL offers its clients unparalleled performance and tangible results. Leger DGTL relies on a 360° strategic approach and data-driven decisions to offer its clients highly personalized content and optimal performance measurement.

We’re passionate about…

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Content design, creation and production
  • 360° media strategy and planning
  • Campaign management and optimization
  • Influencer marketing
  • Performance measurement

When you work with Leger DGTL, you’ll ensure that your company adopts relevant and effective digital marketing strategies to maximize your results.



Why Work with Leger DGTL?

The Leger DGTL team is highly specialized in branded content and media performance. With more than 15 years of experience, our agency stands out for its digital activation and performance measurement capabilities which include strategy, creation and operations.

A 100% integrated approach

Combining market research with digital campaign creation enables decisions to be based on real-time, high-quality, and highly reliable data. This combination also allows for an unparalleled level of customization, with pretesting options for campaigns and the most accurate performance measurement.

It’s a combination that brings customization and digital marketing performance full circle.

Our Digital Marketing Expertise


Leger DGTL excels in creating rich experiences that leverage storytelling to engage with B2B and B2C audiences effectively. Leger DGTL also offers advanced support in managing social channels with multilingual support and expertise in producing multi-format creative assets.

Content Strategy and Activation Services

  • Competitive and social media audits
  • Content creation strategy
  • Art direction and creative writing
  • Video content production
  • Influencer marketing strategy and management
  • Employer brand content strategy
  • Social media monitoring and community management

Media and Business Performance

Digital marketing strategies must be activated through a set of tactics that have the potential to generate a real return on investment. Leger DGTL’s expertise is based on an array of exclusive tools and processes and the knowledge of an experienced team that will turn your media investment into tangible results.

Media and Business Performance Services

  • Strategy, planning and 360° media audits
  • B2B/B2C/B2E campaign management
  • Digital marketing tactics (SEM, paid social media, online display, programmatic DOOH, traditional advertising and more)
  • Performance measurement planning and monitoring
  • Advertising space procurement (trading desk, DV 360, StackAdapt, etc.)
  • Audience management and automation
  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4)/Google Tag Manager (GTM) optimization

Digital Strategy and Analytics

The Leger DGTL team provides its clients with access to relevant data that can be used to achieve business objectives for marketing departments and/or human resources/recruitment and business development teams. As a Google Analytics certified partner, Leger DGTL has access to beta versions and exclusive technologies, offering its clients a leading edge.

Digital Strategy and Analytics Services

  • Organic search engine optimization (SEO) and digital infrastructure audits
  • Digital strategy
  • Analytics strategy and data optimization
  • Dashboards/Google Data Studio
  • Landing page management/optimization
  • Organic search engine optimization (SEO)/user journey optimization consulting services
  • Performance indicator measurement (KPIs)
  • Search engine optimization (Tagging)
  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing strategy/deployment


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