Leger Metrics

Real-time customer feedback

Leger Metrics, a division of Leger, is one of North America’s leading suppliers of Customer Experience Management (CEM) and VoC (Voice of the Customer) solutions. Stakeholders can easily monitor and facilitate change because with Metrics, they receive continuous feedback about their customers and performance information that comes in real-time on a user-friendly web platform. Combined with our consulting services, leading-edge businesses use this intelligence to improve their operations and, by extension, the customer experience offered at the points of sale, whether in-store or online.

Leger Metrics provides many advantages. It’s a platform that easily enables you to:

  • Manage dissatisfied customers.
  • Develop and enhance customer loyalty strategies.
  • Ensure continued customer satisfaction.
  • Track customer issues/complaints and resolve them quickly.

Run by a dedicated team of experts in customer experience, Leger Metrics is proud to serve businesses from various sectors, such as retail, restaurants, automotive, finance, healthcare and more.

Leger Metrics is recognized for offering unparalleled customer service and targeted consulting services, so if you want to be known as a client-centric organization, this is the solution for you.

Online Communities

Engage in ongoing conversations with your customers

Leger offers a new online community management platform that allows you to engage in ongoing conversations with your customers; building stronger loyalty, creating brand ambassadors, and ultimately increasing your sales.

More engaged customers

This vehicle that lets consumers share content, test new ideas and tell you what they think, feel, and buy works to create and mobilize a community of real brand ambassadors.

Faster surveys

Conduct quantitative and qualitative surveys in real time to help you increase customer satisfaction, improve the customer experience, test new ideas, ads, concepts, innovations, and anticipate trends.

A powerful platform

A Web and mobile platform that includes marketing intelligence tools (surveys, focus groups, discussions, chatting, ideation, gamification, alerts, etc.) to help you better understand your customers and build loyalty.

A real-time dashboard

Access a real-time dashboard to make quick and more profitable decisions.

Strategic analyses

Our experts provide targeted in-depth analyses for all of your research and marketing activities.

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