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Our Omnibus is a web survey that allows you to survey the population of your choice (Americans, Canadians from one or more provinces, or from a specific Canadian city) every week by asking one or more questions. It is flexible, fast, efficient, and above all, an economical solution since it is billed per question asked. Contact us for more information.

Leger’s Omnibus offers:

  • The largest proprietary panel in Canada at your disposal
  • Your question(s) answered within only one week
  • Turnkey support: from the drafting of the questionnaire to the statistical analysis presented in a summary report
  • The best respondent-price ratio in Canada

Our Omnibus makes it possible to evaluate:

  • Awareness of an organization, brand, or product
  • Perceptions of a name, slogan, or an event
  • Retention and reach of an advertising campaign
  • Attitudes toward and interest in a product or service
  • Perceptions of a current event
  • Buying behaviour
  • The profile of your target customers
  • Market potential

And much more!

American Omnibus

A web survey of 1,000 Americans that is representative of the American population.

National Omnibus

A web survey of 1,500 Canadians that is representative of the Canadian population.

Provincial/Regional Omnibus

A web survey that allows you to interview a representative sample of the population in Western Canada (n=1,500), British Columbia (n=1,000), Alberta (n=1,000), Saskatchewan (n=300), Manitoba (n=400), Ontario (n=1,000) or Quebec (n=1,000).

Looking to reach a more targeted market? Using our Omnibus, you can also survey a representative sample of the population in Greater Vancouver (n=500), Greater Edmonton (n=500), Greater Calgary (n=500), Greater Toronto (n=500), Montreal CMA (n=500) or Quebec City CMA (n=500).

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3 Ways to Use Our Omnibus Survey

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Leger’s Omnibus Survey: High Quality, Easy, Affordable, and Fast