Running every week, our omnibus is a multi-client survey that gives you the opportunity to get feedback from the population by asking one or more questions in a given week. This solution is flexible, fast, effective and economical. You can submit your own questions or take advantage of the advice and expertise of our professionals .

An omnibus survey can be used to evaluate:

  • Public awareness of an organization, product or brand
  • Perceptions with respect to a name, slogan, or event
  • Retention and scope of an ad campaign
  • Attitude and interest toward a product or service
  • Reactions to a new price
  • Purchasing behaviours
  • Profile of your target clientele
  • Market potential
  • Crisis management
  • And much more…

An Omnibus is:

  • An online survey that is representative of the population
  • Turn-key: from development of the questionnaire to submission of the analysis report
  • A multi-client survey
  • Unit cost per question

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