Running every week, our omnibus is a multi-client survey that gives you the opportunity to get feedback from the population by asking one or more questions in a given week. This solution is flexible, fast, effective and economical. You can submit your own questions or take advantage of the advice and expertise of our professionals.

An omnibus survey can be used to evaluate:

  • Public awareness of an organization, product or brand
  • Perceptions with respect to a name, slogan, or event
  • Retention and scope of an ad campaign
  • Attitude and interest toward a product or service
  • Reactions to a new price
  • Purchasing behaviours
  • Profile of your target clientele
  • Market potential
  • Crisis management
  • And much more…

An Omnibus is:

  • An online survey that is representative of the population
  • Turn-key: from development of the questionnaire to submission of the report
  • A multi-client survey

An omnibus is charged using a unit cost per question.


At Leger, We Know Canadians, and part of knowing them is understanding that their behaviours, attitudes, and perceptions can vary widely from region to region and province to province. For this reason, we’ve launched a brand new Western Canada omnibus.

  • Our Western Canada omnibus is a new multi-client survey that allows you to get feedback specifically from Western Canadians. Each week, we survey a total of 1,500 Western Canada residents (across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba).
  • The results are representative of the opinions of Western Canadians, and the sample size is large enough to enable you to analyze results by all Western Canadians, or within each Western Canadian province (BC, AB, SK, MB). Only interested in the opinions of residents of one of the four Western provinces?  We’ve got you covered! If you only need to speak with residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, you can do so with our Western Canada omnibus.
  • Just like our national omnibus, this omnibus is a flexible, fast, effective, and economical solution. You can submit questions directly, or take advantage of the advice and expertise of our experts.

Questions are due by Wednesday at 9:00 am PST / 10:00 am MST / 11:00 am CST. Results are provided within a week.

If you want to speak with Western Canadians, we want to speak with you!

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