Leger Happiness Index at Work (LHI-W)

Leger Happiness Index at Work (LHI-W)

Acquired by Leger in 2018, the mission of the Leger Happiness Index at Work is to emphasize the relevance, visibility, utility and importance of workplace happiness.

What is your level of happiness at work? Are you more or less happy than those who have the same career as you? Does work raise or lower your level of happiness? Getting the answers to these questions has never been easier or more straightforward.

More specifically, the LHI-W enables you to:

  • Accurately assess the level of happiness of employees (overall and by specific groups)
  • Understand it, compare it, and improve it
  • Compare your results with national averages
  • Assess group performance, according to five factors of workplace happiness
  • Compare results with those of other companies in the same field
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the organization
  • Implement a new management tool
  • Inform and support managers in their work
  • And provide solutions to improve your organization’s performance

“With the difficulty that companies have when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees, the Leger Happiness Index at Work is a necessary tool to measure the quality of the workplace climate and to increase employee performance and retention.”—Jean-Marc Léger, President of Leger

“In a very competitive market, happiness at work is an essential notion to attract, maintain and motivate employees, particularly millennials.”—Pierre Côté, founder of the LHI and LHI-W and Director of Research for Leger

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