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Leger Opinion (LEO) Panel

Born from the desire to reinvent research in 2004, Legerweb has become the largest proprietary panel in Canada. In 2019, Legerweb became Leger Opinion, also known as LEO, with a new and enhanced offer completely redesigned for the benefit of our clients. Just how many members do we have?


We are proud to put forward the same core team we’ve always had. The same team that ran rigorous methodology for years on internal projects, the same team that knows what surveys are all about. Now five years and counting after deciding to officially put ourselves out there, we are proud to say we have plenty of new relationships and satisfied clients. LEO has grown faster than the offspring of the Jolly Green Giant. We are an independent, fullservice data collection team. While we are happy to serve clients with our “sample only” structure, we also have a lot more to offer!

We are definitely not your average data collection company. That’s why LEO is all you’ll ever need for all Canadian data collection services. We have dedicated in-house teams with years of experience. Our services cover every aspect of your survey including programming, CAWI and CATI data collection, coding, translation, data processing and in-depth analytics. See, no need to even think about going elsewhere…

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