Anxiety among Quebeckers
(Poll results available in French only)

Are you worried or do you feel anxious? You are not alone, 64% of Quebeckers
experience anxiety at least once a week and nearly one Quebecker out of five
(18%) suffers from anxiety disorder at least once a week. For Quebeckers,
however, there is some comfort in knowing they are the Canadians who are
proportionately the least likely to experience anxiety compared to those from
other regions of the country.

Women tend to suffer from anxiety and anxiety disorders more than men. In
fact, women are more likely to mention the feeling of being overwhelmed by
events (21%) while men are more likely to mention the expectations that others
have of them (12%) and the objectives they had set for themselves (9%) as being
the elements that trigger their anxiety.

Overall, two-thirds (66%) of Quebeckers fear illness, either their own or
that of someone else’s, and a similar proportion (63%) dread the lack of
money. Furthermore, half of Quebeckers say they fear death (51%) or being
rejected (47%).

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