How Canadians Perceive Gas Price Hikes

Following hikes in the price of gas, the government of Canada should lower tax on gas and set the price of gas at the pump.

In fact, 76% of people surveyed are of the opinion that Canada should intervene following recent hikes in the price of gas as opposed to 20% who claim otherwise, i.e., that Canada should not intervene. Moreover, 78% of Canadians are in favour of lowering taxes on gas compared to 19% of Canadians who disagree. Women (81%), francophones (86%), Quebeckers (83%), people with a household income between $20,000 and $39,999 (86%), homemakers (90%) and people with a high school level education (81%) are significantly more likely to be in favour of the government intervening following recent gas price hikes.

Finally, as far as lowering taxes on gas, Canadians who are the most in favour are women (83%), people with a household income between $20,000 and $39,999 (85%), the unemployed (90%) as well as people with an elementary (91%), high school (83%) or college (83%) level education.

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