Leger’s Omnibus Survey: High Quality, Easy, Affordable, and Fast

Leger’s Omnibus survey is an online survey that enables you to survey the population of your choice by asking one or a few questions. It is a high quality, easy, affordable, and fast solution.

To answer your most pressing questions, we survey our LEO panel, the largest proprietary panel in Canada, and provide you with representative results within one week.

Do you have questions? We have the answers!

Who can I survey?

Leger’s Omnibus survey runs at a national, regional, provincial, and municipal level, and we have 15 different solutions. The total sample size (n) for each is indicated below.

  • Pan-Canada (n=1,500)
  • Western Canada (n=1,500)– British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba
  • British Columbia (n=1,000)
  • Alberta (n=1,000)
  • Saskatchewan (n=300)
  • Manitoba (n=400)
  • Ontario (n=1,000)
  • Quebec (n=1,000)
  • Greater Vancouver (n=500)
  • Greater Edmonton (n=500)
  • Greater Calgary (n=500)
  • Greater Toronto (n=500)
  • Montreal CMA (n=500)
  • Quebec CMA (n=500)
  • United States (n=1,000)

You only pay for the questions that you want to ask. We also include a standard set of sociodemographic questions at no extra cost.

Why should I choose Leger’s Omnibus survey?

The results are representative, so you can be confident in the quality of our data.

To answer your questions, we survey our LEO panel, the largest proprietary panel in Canada. The results are weighted to ensure they reflect the opinions of the population surveyed.

It is easy and flexible.

Rather than surveying all Canadians to find out what people in a particular city think, Leger’s Omnibus survey allows you to survey the population you are actually interested in. In total, you have 15 options to choose from. Submit your questions, and we’ll take care of the rest.

It is affordable.

If you only have a few questions to ask (or even a single question), using Leger’s Omnibus survey is a more cost-effective option than a custom study. It is billed based on a price per question.

You will receive results quickly.

More specifically, within a week.

It runs on a weekly basis.

We know that when you’re trying to make critical business decisions, you can’t always wait a month to understand what people think. Our Omnibus survey runs every week and is the perfect way to answer your most pressing, last-minute questions.

You don’t need to submit a minimum number of questions.

Unlike other omnibus survey solutions which require you to ask a minimum number of questions, we understand that you may only need to ask one question to get what you need.

We provide a report.

We believe in adding value at every stage, and when you run questions in Leger’s Omnibus survey, we’ll provide you with cross-tabulations and a report including analysis.



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