The Happiness Index Report

The results of our recent Leger Happiness Index (LHI) study reveal that across the country, we are a happy group (and happier than our American counterparts!).

Some may assume that the more money you have, the happier you are. In reality, the top drivers of happiness among Canadians are one’s current sense of freedom, and the belief one is living the life they always dreamed of. Satisfaction with one’s personal finances, romantic relationships, recognition and personal health are also influential, although not to the same extent.

The Leger Happiness Index is a way of qualitatively and quantitatively assessing the general state of mind of populations and comparing them with each other. Rather than defining happiness or providing recipes to facilitate it, the LHI is focused on evaluating the impression and perception that people have of their own state (starting from the premise that every human being seeks – consciously or not – a situation that will come as close as possible to their own vision of happiness).

To learn more about what influences Canadians’ happiness, please view the report below.


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