This American measure would prompt Canadians to travel less to the United States

Though 39% of people surveyed stated that despite the measure imposed, they would continue to go to the United States, 33% say they will go less often and 17% would no longer go at all.

Canadians who currently have a valid Canadian passport are more likely to travel as frequently to the United States. In fact, 49% of these people would travel as often to the United Sates, while 32% would go less often and 35% would no longer go to the United States.

However, 75% believe that Canada should have the same requirements with respect to American visitors, while 23% think the opposite. It should be noted that 83% of those who would still travel as frequently to the United States favour a Canadian countermeasure. Such a measure is favoured by 69% of those who would go less often and 66% who would no longer travel to the United States.

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