Three-quarters of Quebeckers feel betrayed by Jean Chrétien and the LPC

76% of Quebeckers consider that Jean Chrétien and the Liberal Party of Canada have betrayed them after the 1995 referendum. As a result and following the sponsorship scandal and the revelations made during the Gomery Commission, 37% of Quebeckers say that these events give them more motivation to vote “yes” in a referendum on Quebec sovereignty, of which 13% are federalists. Moreover, 54% of Quebeckers would have voted for sovereignty if a referendum would have been held over the past few days. This proportion reaches 60% among Francophones.

In spite of everything, the choice of Quebeckers remains Canada. In fact, a majority of sovereignists (56%) continue to want Quebec to remain a part of Canada compared to 40% who do not. Furthermore, even though sovereignty is the option that obtains the highest score (42%), 46% choose a more Canadian option, as 27% opt for renewed federalism and 19% the status quo.

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