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There is a Little Bit of Leger in … the CISSS


Within the scope of a user experience evaluation, Leger Metrics worked hand in hand with some of Québec’s 22 Integrated Health and Social Services Centres (CISSS) and Integrated University Health and Social Services Centres (CIUSSS). The CISSS of the Montérégie-Centre region wanted to take a macrolevel and microlevel look at of each of its health facilities to improve the experiences of its users. Utilizing the Leger Metrics platform enabled the CISSS of the Montérégie-Centre region to achieve these goals by providing access to the experience of its users in real time.

Improving the User Experience

Every 5 years, the CISSS and CIUSSS are submitted to an independent third-party assessment through Accreditation Canada. This organization assesses and accredits all health and social service establishments in Québec. Accreditation Canada gives the CISSS a more macro and inclusive perspective by providing a picture of more than 80 standards.

In order to ensure that it meets Accreditation Canada standards and especially to continuously monitor the user experience, the CISSS of Montérégie-Centre decided to implement the Leger Metrics VoC (Voice of the Customer) platform.

The Leger Metrics platform enabled the CISSS of Montérégie-Centre to meet five objectives:

  1. Establishing a centralized barometer of user satisfaction and experience on a continuous and real-time basis for all facilities.
  2. Allowing for more efficient and faster management of dissatisfied users by having access to their comments on the Leger Metrics platform.
  3. Allowing for better sharing of information between the facilities and avoiding the duplication of initiatives between establishments.
  4. Improving the general quality of life of users in their various establishments.
  5. Optimizing costs by considerably reducing the time required for the department in charge of quality, assessment, performance and ethics to measure user satisfaction.

Let’s take the classic case of a dissatisfied user:  when a user’s experience is unpleasant, and the user shares his or her dissatisfaction on any matter, the team is automatically notified on Leger Metrics’ platform. This makes it possible to contact the user within 24 to 48 hours to engage in a discussion with the user, identify irritants and change course if needed.

The Challenge for Leger

Each customer has specific needs that Leger must meet. When introducing Leger Metrics to the CISSS of Montérégie-Centre, the challenge consisted primarily of standardizing a questionnaire by taking into account the different types of care offered and their specificities, as well as the different type of establishments (CLSC, hospitals, CHSLD…). To make the user’s life easier, Leger also had to simplify the questionnaire as much as possible.

A simple and standardized questionnaire for all the CISSS’s facilities certainly gave them a real-time view of these facilities, but it also allowed them to compare the facilities over time.

The second challenge seemed rather simple in retrospect: how do you provide the user with the opportunity to share his or her experience? After evaluating the different options, Leger and the CISSS concluded that the most effective method would be to distribute invitation cards to the survey (which included a URL link) at the end of their experience. This method is most likely to prompt the user to describe his or her experience.

By developing an accessible and user-friendly tool, CISSS was able to establish an organizational measurement, while having the opportunity to examine what is happening in the various health facilities in detail.

Thanks to the Leger Metrics solution, the CISSS and CIUSSS went from complaint management to satisfaction management. This completely different approach has offered managers time savings and cost optimization by providing access to continuous  user experience feedback and avoiding decentralized initiatives for each establishment.

In short, Leger is proud to have implemented more efficient and faster management of the user experience for the CISSS of Montérégie-Centre. Ultimately, it is the users of these health facilities who benefit most.

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