Industry expertise

We bring diverse expertise across industries to deliver solutions tailored to your market. When you work with us, we’ll pair you with an expert with deep industry knowledge who delivers the comprehensive insights you need.


Get better insights, develop and deliver more relevant products, and provide the best possible customer experience.


Attract and retain customers and help them achieve financial health at all stages of their financial journey.

Health & wellness

Differentiate your brand, stay ahead of the competition, and help your customers meet their health & wellness goals.  


Understand diverse healthcare stakeholders’ wants and needs and improve your strategy to get ahead and stand out. 

Lottery & gaming

Grow steadily and responsibly while navigating the future of lottery and gaming, online betting, and more.

Public affairs

Get reliable insights to navigate public opinion and reach the diverse stakeholders you need to understand.


Better connect with customers, drive sales, and navigate the changing retail landscape with data-driven insights.

Travel & tourism

Adapt to travelers’ changing needs and connect with them in the crowded global market.

Need a more specialized solution?

We also work in energy, luxury, non-profit, legal, recreation & leisure, telecom, technology, transportation, and more.