Pat DePietto Named to 2023 Insight250 List

July 17, 2023

New York, July 17, 2023 – Leger is pleased to announce that Pat DePietto, Executive Vice President, U.S., has been named to the 2023 Insight250 list, presented by ESOMAR.Patricia_Depietto

In total, 250 market research, consumer insights and data-driven marketing leaders across the globe are named to this list. The selection criteria include professional experience, academic accomplishments, published research, thought leadership, industry involvement, insight innovations, sector accolades, and more.  

Pat is a true leader who is passionate about helping brands grow and become more relevant to consumers through custom research solutions and industry insights. She is dedicated to evaluating and improving the latest technology to advance research methods.  In 2021, she worked closely with our team to develop 360IDEAvate, a custom innovation solution that solidifies the process of identifying consumer needs and allowing brands to develop, evaluate, and validate new ideas and opportunities. Through this research solution, brands can go from ideation to market with the confidence of research-driven and validated new brand offerings. 

As noted on the Insight250 website, “Annually celebrating the worldwide pioneers, leaders and innovators in market research, data-driven marketing and insights, the Insight250 presents a unique view into academic, enterprise, agency, technology, media and association data-driven leaders around the globe.” 

Neil Fleischer, Co-Founder and CEO of Cube (a firm specializing in UX and consumer neuroscience, in which Leger is a minority shareholder), was also named to the list.  

About Leger USA

As part of Leger, a team of more than 600 employees, Leger USA develops original research that powers businesses to build stronger connections with their customers. Through cutting-edge research, it provides clients comprehensive consumer insights. These custom insights fuel business growth, helping clients to make informed decisions about their products, brands, messaging, and business strategies.  

Leger’s prestigious clients include The Home Depot, Club Med, Reckitt, Decathlon, Nespresso, Bombardier, and more.


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