U.S. Consumers’ Perspectives on Trump’s Indictment, Crime, and Violence

April 19, 2023

What do U.S. consumers think about the indictment of former President Donald Trump? What are their opinions about crime, violence and gun control? Leger’s latest North American Tracker has the answers.


Sentiment is a primary driver when it comes to U.S. consumers’ behavior. Leger’s North American Tracker provides a pulse check on U.S. consumers’ perspectives on current events. This edition explores their perspectives on Donald Trump’s indictment, crime, and violence.

What do the findings reveal about Trump, crime, and violence?

From a research perspective, Simon Jaworski, Executive Vice-President, US, noted,

“More than half of all Americans feel crime and violence have worsened in the post-COVID era, which ultimately means this issue will no doubt become a focal point at the ballot box.

Perhaps even more pertinent is the fact that fears for Americans’ safety are significantly higher among Republican voters (at 67%), which means whoever looks strongest between former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on crime may get a distinct advantage in the 2023 GOP primary race.

Leger’s latest poll has Trump (52%) significantly ahead of DeSantis (22%) among Republican voters for the Republican presidential candidacy, but with Trump currently under an indictment by the State of New York that is supported by 55% of Americans, we still don’t know if Trump’s campaign will get off the ground any time soon.”

About the Study

Leger’s North American Tracker is a monthly quantitative survey of 1,000+ U.S. (and Canadian) consumers aged 18 or over. Our team of market researchers evaluates and analyzes the data from the North American Tracker to reveal the most current consumer sentiments and behaviors.

U.S. Politics Highlights: Donald Trump’s Indictment

Similar Proportions of Americans Approve of the Indictment and Expect a Guilty Verdict

After being charged with 34 felony counts, former President Donald Trump became the first president to have ever been charged with a crime. Our research uncovered that a slight majority of Americans approve of Donald Trump’s indictment, but Republican voters prefer him over Ron DeSantis by a large margin for the 2024 GOP presidential candidacy.

  • 55% of Americans approve of the decision to indict former President Donald Trump, driven by more than two-thirds (68%) of younger Americans (aged 18-34).
  • Almost the same number of Americans (54%) feel Trump will be found guilty.
  • Even with the indictment hanging over his head, Trump is currently still the front runner for the GOP presidential candidacy in 2024, leading by 30 percentage points (52% to 22%) over Ron DeSantis among Republican voters.


Crime and Violence Highlights: Concerns for Public Safety

Many Report Feeling Less Safe and Feel Crime and Violence Levels Have Increased

Lately, many news stories are covering crime and violent incidents in the United States. From coverage of the Kentucky and Tennessee mass shootings to stories of a Whole Foods in San Francisco closing due to increasing crime and violence, we wondered if U.S. consumers are feeling more fearful than before.  

It turns out that both Americans and Canadians feel crime and violence have increased, and they are more alike than some may think on the topic of gun control restrictions.

  • The majority of both Americans (55%) and Canadians (65%) feel the levels of crime and violence have increased since pre-COVID times.
  • 43% of Americans and 47% of Canadians feel they would be safer if there were more strict gun control restrictions in their respective countries.

both Americans and Canadians feel crime and violence have increased

Interested in Designing Your Own Consumer Sentiment Study?

Consumer sentiment can change on a dime, which is why keeping up with your target consumers’ perceptions and priorities is key for building your strategy. We can help! Our team of market research experts can help you stay connected to trends in your category, maintain awareness of your target consumers, and understand how sentiment is shifting over time.

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