A Sustainable Shift: Navigating the Sustainability Movement in Society

April 18, 2024

Sustainability has transitioned from a niche interest to a central concern in today’s society, reflecting a profound shift in attitudes towards environmental responsibility and ethical living. As awareness of climate change, resource depletion, and social inequality has grown, so too has the collective consciousness around the need for sustainable practices.

Larger corporations are even taking note. For example, as the Natural Products Expo West trade show just took place in March, many companies have highlighted their innovations in sustainable packaging, offering the same quality with minimal environmental impact. Plus, Lärabar, a trail mix company, has been using regenrative almonds in their bars, and Rudi’s Mountain Bakery’s Sandos are now being made with upcycled ingredients.

Individuals, communities, and corporations alike are now re-evaluating their daily habits, business operations, and policies to align with more sustainable principles. Through our research, Leger aims to explore the evolving societal attitudes towards sustainability, highlighting the innovative solutions and challenges that lie ahead in our journey toward a more sustainable world.

How do consumers view sustainable practices? Do they find that there’s still more work to do for themselves or others to get to their sustainability goals? Whose responsibility is it to be sustainable in society?

We surveyed members of our U.S Health and Wellness Community to see whether they have been embracing sustainable practices. This community has been growing for the last fifteen years and this is just the beginning of the wide scope of questions that you can ask our community. This report finds that our community members are generally supportive and are taking actions to be sustainable in the future.

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Base size: 1,253 U.S. consumers

U.S. consumers are taking actions toward a sustainable future

Our data shows that  sustainability is not just a buzzword and action is being taken to become more sustainable.

The latest statistics reveal a profound truth about society’s commitment to sustainable living: an overwhelming 82% agree that companies have a responsibility to be sustainable, underscoring the expectation for corporate accountability in environmental stewardship. Parallel to this, 81% believe that the responsibility is on individuals as well to embrace sustainability, painting a picture of shared influence.


As the data unfolds, it becomes evident that 70% acknowledge a personal obligation to enhance their efforts towards sustainable practices, echoing a sentiment that matches the 70% who consider living sustainably a personal priority. This alignment of values and actions is critical in driving meaningful change.

However, skepticism remains: 57% cast doubt on companies’ sustainability claims, indicating a trust gap that businesses must bridge to align with consumer expectations.

Product choice

Despite this, there’s a growing trend of proactive consumerism, with 54% actively seeking and supporting sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Moreover, the data suggests a tipping point in consumer behavior, with 51% willing to invest financially in products from environmentally responsible brands, recognizing that the true cost of goods goes beyond the price tag—it includes the health of our planet.

U.S. consumers are thinking the right way about sustainability

To understand what sustainability means to them, this is what they said:

As we navigate through the atmosphere surrounding sustainability, certain words resonate more powerfully within our collective consciousness. They are not mere terms; they are the signposts guiding us toward a more conscientious future.

“Environment,” “Resource,” and “Recycle” stand as the bedrock of this word cluster, illustrating a society’s pivot towards conserving and improving our natural world. “Reduce,” “Reuse,” and “Preserve” speak to the actions required to minimize our ecological footprint, while ‘Future’ and ‘Planet’ remind us of the long-term vision U.S. consumers must uphold. “Product” and “Manufacture,” intertwined with “Eco” and “Friendly,” reflect the growing demand for goods produced with minimal harm to the Earth.

Follow Leger’s sustainability research

This is just the beginning in Leger’s quest to bring you the insights you need on sustainability and wellness. In the realm of health and wellness, the community’s pulse is ever-evolving and keeping a finger on its dynamic beats is crucial.

We’ll be releasing more data from our health and wellness community, for those seeking insights on issues that affect those who care about it most. Through this platform, we’ll harness the power of data to navigate the complexities of health trends, wellness practices, and the overarching well-being narrative that shapes our lives.

Stay tuned as we continue to highlight a community where every insight is a stepping stone to greater understanding and every shared experience enriches our collective journey toward healthy living.

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