Actors’ Strike and Changes in Streaming Habits

October 18, 2023

The Hollywood writers’ strike has ended, but the actors are still on strike. From October 6 to 9, 2023, we surveyed Americans about the impact of the strike on their watching habits and their opinion on the situation.

Download the report to learn more.


Download the report

Some of the key highlights of our survey about changes in streaming habits and the actors’ strike include…

More Americans have turned to alternative content methods.

  • Scripted entertainment programs are the type of content that is the most watched by Americans; 78% watch at least one hour of scripted programs in a typical week.
  • Half of Americans (48%) saw at least one movie in a theater in the past year.
  • 26% of Americans report watching more videos on social media compared to two years ago, while 51% report watching about the same amount and 16% report watching less. The proportion who are watching more videos on social media is even higher among those aged 18 to 34, at 46%.
  • 59% of Americans watch the same amount of scripted TV as two years ago. The number is even higher among those aged 55 or older, at 67%.
  • 69% of Americans are subscribed to at least one streaming service, while 28% are not subscribed to any. The main reasons for not subscribing to streaming services are the high cost and the lack of interest in watching more programming.

A high proportion of Americans have noticed the absence of new programs on TV.

  • 69% of Americans have noticed the absence of new programs due to the strike to some extent.
  • Due to the absence of new programs, 22% switched to watching types of content other than scripted programs, 34% caught up on shows they hadn’t had the chance to watch yet, and 44% did not really change their habits.
  • When it comes to the ongoing dispute between actors and producers, studios, and distributors, 34% of Americans side with the actors, while only 7% support the producers, studios, and distributors. Another 29% have sympathy for both sides.

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