Staying Positive & Productive While Working Remote

April 2, 2020

Working remote is a new reality for millions of people. In this new reality, it’s something that’s always been a part of our regular schedules. We asked our team to offer some advice for staying focused and happy while working from home…here’s what some of them had to say!

Jean-Marie Warncke (VP of Research)

  • Keep your schedule as close to a normal work day as possible.  Get up, shower, exercise, eat breakfast- whatever you typically do to get ready as if you were going to the office.LOKI

  • If possible, surround yourself with items that remind you of being at work and help you stay organized. 

  • I enjoy low but constant background noise. 

  • Take your lunch break! Set a timer to make sure you eat lunch; keeping your body well-fueled and healthy will not only help you stay focused but also helps fight off illness. Staying hydrated is a critical piece of this as well. 

  • My dog Loki makes sure I stay on task!

Theresa Trefz (Research Analyst)

  • Thankfully I don’t have many distractions while working from home so I’m able to stay focused throughout the day.DESK-1 

  • I begin my day just like I would at the office, I make a list of the everything I need to get done and then begin with the highest priority assignment.

  • Take short breaks to handle small chores around the house and refresh your mind.

  • Have something to look forward to at the end of every night. It’s important to find joy in every day and remember to appreciate the little things. 

What are you doing to adapt  to your new normal?  Comment below.

We hope you’re staying healthy and hopeful!  

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