Exploring Gut Health Trends: Insights from Our 2024 Health and Wellness Toolkit 

June 19, 2024

According to our recent study, the 2024 Health and Wellness Toolkit, more than one-third of our proprietary health and wellness online community members experienced gut health issues in the past year alone. 

The 2024 edition, based on a survey of 1,310 US consumers, highlights gut health trends in prevention, personal responsibility, and a holistic approach to health, including diet, exercise, mental health, and social connections.

Understanding Gut Health

What exactly do we mean when we talk about gut health? According to the American Medical Association, gut health refers to the well-being of your entire digestive system and its microscopic components, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other elements. It focuses on the relationship between these microorganisms and how we break down food, absorb essential nutrients, and eliminate waste. This ensures that our bodies function smoothly, allowing us to go about our daily activities without issues. 

Knowledge Gap and Challenges

Our study discovered a significant knowledge gap between those who want to improve their gut health and those who know how to do so. While a large proportion of the population is familiar with concepts like physical health, mental health, or even sexual health, gut health remains a lesser-known area.

This presents a fantastic opportunity for brands to provide educational guidance and launch informative marketing campaigns, helping people understand how your product can positively impact their gut health. By educating the consumer, you can inspire more individuals to take steps towards improving their gut health, as many are unaware of the general gut health trends, potential benefits and possibilities.

Imagine you are a beverage company offering kombucha-style drinks packed with supplements and probiotics. Consumers often see numerous benefits listed on the packaging and might not pay much attention to them. However, you can stand out by prominently showcasing these benefits rather than just listing the ingredients—on your packaging, website, in-store media, and marketing campaigns. Pair this with fun, engaging branding, and you could see a significant impact! 


The Infamous Diabetes (and Weight Management) Injectables

Another trending topic in public health—and even pop culture—is the surge in popularity of semaglutide injections, such as Ozempic.

This trend exemplifies the knowledge gap and the challenges consumers face: while many are eager to improve their weight management and overall wellness, they may not fully understand the implications, benefits, or potential risks of using such medications for off-label purposes. This clearly demonstrates not only an opportunity for educational campaigns but also a pressing need for them. 

Focus Areas for Gut Health Education Campaigns

Our 2024 Health and Wellness Toolkit sheds light on the challenges people face in improving their gut health.

of the main challenges is stress eating and lack of motivation. This is an opportunity for brands to be a trusted advisor offering guidance
on how to manage stress and emotional eating, such as mindfulness techniques, stress-reducing exercises, and the psychological impact of certain foods and supplements. You could also develop motivational content that highlights the long-term benefits of gut health, using success stories and testimonials from individuals who have improved their health.

Understanding current gut health trends is essential for developing impactful educational content, making our Toolkit highly relevant for you!

What to Do Next

One thing is for sure: you can leverage our proprietary Health and Wellness Online Community to ask questions, plan effective marketing strategies, or develop innovative products. 

With this community, you can gain deep insights into consumer behaviors, access audiences across various categories and niches, and segment the community by demographic variables. With multiple years of active and relevant participation, our community is the ideal platform for gathering valuable insights for any organization within the industry. 

Thanks to the valuable input from our members, we’ve compiled the essential insights for our 2024 Health and Wellness Toolkit, including the latest gut health trends. Download it now to discover the types of questions you can explore with the community! 


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