March 13, 2023

Montreal, March 13, 2023 – Leger and Ressac have merged their expertise to create Leger DGTL, a unique, research-driven digital performance agency specialized in media strategy and branded content activation.

In October 2021, Leger acquired Ressac, an agency that has been an expert in the digital world for more than 17 years. Both teams realized the enormous potential of joining forces and combining their research, digital and content expertise to serve their Canadian and U.S. clients. Today, they are introducing Leger DGTL, a creative performance agency powered by Leger’s capabilities, which combines the quality of market research and the power of analytics with content and digital performance.

The digital environment is constantly evolving, and new challenges are emerging, jeopardizing the performance of companies’ marketing initiatives. The withdrawal of third-party cookies planned by Google, which will impose increased protection of personal information and new rights for citizens, is leading companies to turn to more traditional methods of performance measurement, in terms of defining audiences and behaviours and measuring their return on investment. As a result, digital agencies will need to adapt and find new ways to perform.

“Leger’s success is based on the reliability of our data and the accuracy of our insights. With the addition of performance and digital content strategy delivery, Leger DGTL offers a personalized, integrated, but above all, measurable solution. Our clients now have access to the best research, analytics, customer experience and digital experts all in one place to better meet their business objectives. This is a unique offer on the market,” said Jean-Marc Léger, president of Leger.

“This new agency fills a critical need for data-driven decision-making in the marketplace. The full integration with Leger allows us to have access to strategic information that goes far beyond what is available on digital platforms. On the front end, all our recommendations are supported by research. In addition, we can survey Canadians and Americans before, during and after a campaign to measure its impact on awareness, perceptions, behaviours and more. A mandate may include data specialists as well as digital strategists. In short, Leger DGTL embodies the best that digital technology has to offer, powered by research,” said Pablo Stevenson, president of Leger DGTL.

Leger DGTL’s offer is based on content and performance. The agency offers performance marketing, digital business consulting, content creation and strategy, social media management, analytics and influencer marketing. The agency will also make market research on the digital industry available to its clients and the public on an annual basis.

The team of experts that made up Ressac is now completely integrated into Leger DGTL. Pablo Stevenson is now president and partner of Leger DGTL. 
About Leger USA
Leger USA develops original research that powers businesses to build stronger connections with their customers. Through cutting-edge research, it provides clients comprehensive consumer insights. These custom insights fuel business growth, helping clients to make informed decisions about their products, brands, messaging, and business strategies.

About Leger DGTL
Leger DGTL is a creative performance agency powered by Leger. Led by a team of digital marketing experts and data scientists, it is the only truly data and research-integrated agency in Canada. Through its insight-driven approach, it supports a range of renowned clients in media strategy and content activation to drive business outcomes and effectively engage their target audiences.

To learn more about Leger DGTL and its digital marketing expertise, visit legerdgtl.com.

For more information
Jean-Marc Léger and Pablo Stevenson are available for interviews.  
Sarah Mayer-Legault
Communications and Marketing Project Manager


Official Visual – Leger DGTL


Jean-Marc Léger, President, Leger


Pablo Stevenson, President, Leger DGTL

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