Many U.S. Adults Believe in Various Conspiracy Theories

December 8, 2023

Now that information is more accessible than ever with the internet, many alternative opinions have circulated regarding events in history, government actions and the structure of life as we know it.

From November 24 to 26, 2023, we surveyed U.S. residents to know more about their beliefs in different conspiracy theories, including if mainstream media manipulates the information it disseminates, if John F. Kennedy’s assassination was a cover-up, if global warming is a hoax, and many more.

20231130-Conspiracy-theories_thumbnailDownload the report to learn more.

Some of the key highlights of our survey on conspiracy theories include…

  • 84% of U.S. residents believe in at least one of the theories we asked them about. Republican voters (94%) are more likely to believe in at least one of the theories.
  • U.S. residents are most likely to believe the following conspiracy theories:
    • Mainstream media manipulates the information it disseminates (63%)
    • COVID-19 was created as a biological weapon in a lab (51%)
    • Governments are hiding the truth about the harmfulness of vaccines from the public (49%)
  • U.S. residents are least likely to believe that the lunar landing was a hoax (17%) and the earth is flat (9%).

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