Sandie Sparkman 

Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

Sandie is chief growth officer at Leger and is responsible for overseeing sales and marketing and encouraging them to deliver business and client successes while strategizing for the future. As CGO, she connects Leger’s range of research offerings, including advanced analytics and new ResTech options, with clients’ most pressing business challenges. Sandie has been with Leger since 2013, and is known for her passion, focus on customer experience, strong sales management, and operations skills. Sandie has been a major contributor to the expansion of Leger’s client base and the integration and promotion of new products and services acquired during her tenure.

Sandie’s background in both technology and customer experience is the perfect blend of what we do at Leger. She brings an in-depth knowledge of customer experience measurement from her background as vice-president of operations of a national mystery shopping company. She led the team to successfully optimize the operating model to accommodate growth and promote efficiency. After her major role in operations, Sandie put her more than 15 years of sales experience to use and became the vice-president of Sales, a role she occupied before moving to Leger in 2013.

Sandie has the rare ability to mesh her excellent understanding of Leger’s solutions and how to innovate and adapt them to suit each client’s unique set of challenges. Over the years, she has successfully reinforced our reputation as a qualified provider of new market research methodologies. She values openness, curiosity, self-knowledge, energy, and focus on results and likes helping our clients overcome their marketing challenges!

Sandie is fluently bilingual in English and French and has dual Canadian and U.S. citizenship, having grown up in New Jersey.