Sarah Mottet

General Manager, Leger DGTL

With a Bachelor of Communications (Université de Montréal) and an MBA (HEC Montréal), Sarah is currently general manager at Leger DGTL. She is actively involved in defining the organization’s strategic direction and implementing concrete initiatives to support the company’s mission and values to achieve financial and corporate goals.

Sarah works closely with Leger’s general management team to provide mobilizing leadership in change management, notably by consolidating existing and future initiatives Leger deploys.

Sarah has held several positions at Leger since 2017, including setting up and managing the communications and marketing team. Since 2023, she has led Leger’s digital team, Leger DGTL. She was also involved in designing and producing innovative initiatives such as the LEO app, the Leger Happiness Index, and the Youth Study. She is one of the spokespeople for Leger DGTL’s digital study.