Foster successful integration of Canadian newcomers

Delve into newcomers’ journeys to gain insights from their unique experiences and perspectives.

Cracking the Newcomer Code 2024

Get privileged access to Canadian newcomers to understand their singular experiences, needs, and behaviors.  

  • ^Explore their unique insights and perspectives
  • ^Access demographic, employment, and financial data
  • ^Enhance policy strategies and programs

About the study

What is most important to the newcomers when they arrive in Canada? How can you help them adapt?

Cracking the Newcomer Code has set out to help make Canadian newcomers’ voices heard and build bridges with government institutions and service sectors. The study surveyed over 2,104 individuals who arrived in the country within the last 10 years, regardless of their immigration status.

It offers an unprecedented perspective on the experiences, challenges, and issues they face while painting a portrait of the evolution of their situation in various areas (finances, employment, housing, insurance, and more).

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Webinar Replay: Cracking the Newcomer Code 2024

Newcomers enrich our social and economic fabric and are one of the few communities experiencing significant growth year after year in Canada. Cracking the Newcomer Code allows us to understand their singular experiences, needs, and behaviors. Watch our webinar to discover:

  • ^Challenges faced by newcomers and their families
  • ^Key findings on demographics, education, employment, access to essential services, financial and insurance needs, and more.
  • ^Deep dive into the settlement process and timeframe for acclimation

Some key findings from this year’s study


“As Canada welcomes half a million newcomers yearly, the Cracking the Newcomer Code study reveals a complex picture. It underscores the need for decision-makers to ensure success for Canada and its new residents. Diverging opinions on various integration points highlight areas and aspects needing improvement, indicating the necessity of refining policies and enhancing public engagement. The substantial challenges newcomers face in establishing themselves professionally and personally underscore significant opportunities for government, public, and businesses to facilitate their journey.”

Lisa Covens, Senior Vice-President & Shanze Khan, Senior Research Director (study co-leads)

“I am excited to share our Newcomer Study. This pivotal research shines a light on the experiences of those newly arriving in Canada, offering unparalleled insights into their journeys, challenges, and triumphs. Our approach reflects our commitment to DEI – this study is not just about quality data; it’s a step toward a more inclusive society where every voice is heard and valued. Embracing this study underlines our collective role in nurturing inclusion by deepening our understanding of diverse experiences.”

Heather Owens, GM, Executive Champion DEI

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